Thursday, February 16, 2017

You Gotta Do YOU!!!

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Hello Babes,

       Life is precious, life is short, life is what ever you want it to be. Over this last year I have learned so much about myself. one being a people pleaser. Till this day I find myself still doing it even thou I have sworn to do only ME. It’s hard not to when you think of the other person’s feelings. But you get to a point in which you have to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I would be the type who would do just about anything to keep another person happy, anything to not create confrontation or arguments. That’s not a way to live. Walking around egg shells is not something I was thought to do. It’s amazing because I use to have no filter. Seems that the filter I do have is around the people I truly care about. But what good Im I doing to them if I, as their friend, don’t express my feelings to them. What good I’m I doing to them if I don’t call them out on their faults. I know I’m not perfect and I myself have many things that I have to work on, I recognize that. If you are my friend I expect you to call me on it so that I can work on that and be a better person. A lot of what I do is simply because I don’t care to have drama in my life. Im at a stage in my life where I don’t need to deal with attitudes or all that extra stuff. That’s some 20 year-old (censored). AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!!



Hola chicas

       La vida es preciosa, la vida es corta, la vida es lo que quieras que sea. Durante este último año he aprendido mucho sobre mí. Uno es que complazco mucho a la gente. Hasta este día me encuentro  haciéndo lo mismo, que he jurado no hacerlo y concentrame sólo en MÍ. Es difícil no pensar en los sentimientos de las otra persona. Pero llegas a un punto en el que tienes que decir basta. Yo sería el tipo que haría casi cualquier cosa para mantener a otra persona feliz, lo hago para no crear confrontación o argumentos. Eso no es una manera de vivir. Caminar alrededor de cáscaras de huevo no es algo que se penso seguir haciendo. Es increíble porque yo era de las que no tenia filtro. Parece que el filtro que tengo es alrededor de la gente que realmente me importa. Pero qué bien les estoy haciendo si yo, como su amigo, no les expreso mis sentimientos. Qué bien les estoy haciendo si no les llamo por sus faltas. Sé que no soy perfecta y yo misma tengo muchas cosas en las que tengo que trabajar, lo reconozco. Si eres mi amiga espero que me digas las malas cosas que yo hago para que pueda trabajar en eso y ser una mejor persona. Mucho de lo que hago es simplemente porque no me importa tener drama en mi vida. Estoy en una etapa en mi vida donde no necesito ocuparme de actitudes o de toda esas cosas adicional. Eso son para los de 20 años de edad. NO HAY TIEMPO PARA ESO !!!



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Skirt: BCBG

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Photoshoot Sunday

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Hello Loves,

    What a beautiful day it was, the sun was out and the birds were chirping. Sunday we woke up super early (early for a Sunday) at 6 a.m. to meet the team at Venice Beach for a fitness photoshoot. We took some picture of our results thus far and we will be taking another set in 3 months. The whole purpose of the shoot is to have a picture of where we began with out new nutrition and fitness program. I am now a wellness coach which basically means that I help people loose/maintain/gain weight. All the changes are mostly based on getting their nutrition in check which is 80% of the work while the remaining amount is fitness. I have pushed very hard both in fitness and nutrition but I’m cracking down now more than ever on nutrition. Pushing my body to it’s max, I know there is more to be done. This is the beginning. Follow me on Instagram to see my progress. I’m hosting a 21 day challenge which targets nutrition and fitness...DM on insta if you’d like more info. More pictures to come once the are ready.

Xo, Cari

Hola Amores,

    Que dia tan mas bello, el sol salió y los pajaritos cantaban. El Domingo nos levantamos super temprano (por lo normal no despertamos hasta las 10) a las 6 am. Fuimos a las playas de Venice para una sesión de fotografías. Tomas fotos de nuestros resultados en los últimos días...estoy haciendo un programa nuevo y ayudando a personas que les gustaría bajar, subir o mantener su peso. Lo mas importante es la nutrición y ahora estoy un poco mas estricta y estoy siguiendo y plan mucho mas fácil de mantener. Si quieres mas información de mi reto de 21 días, favor de enviar mensaje por Instagram. Ya vendrán mas fotos. Habra otra session en 3 meses para mirar y comprar es progreso de hoy a entonces. 


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Rock Hard

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Hello Loves,

       I absolutely love this outfit. I know that I tend to wear clothing that is very form fitting and this is not exactly that. Maybe thats the reason why I love it so much. It could also be that I just love the look of over the knee boots with skirts. Don’t know exactly what it is but I absolutely love it. While shooting this look a girl in passing car burst into laughter and scream out, “You know you are in (name of my town).” At the moment I was thrown a bit off and I’m gonna be honest, it was a little hurtful. But then I realized that she has no idea who I am, no idea why I shoot looks and just isn’t up to my level. First off, I wouldn’t have reacted in that form if I had seen a girl doing the same thing. Why react in such a way, why does she care if it’s not Beverly Hills. I’m hustling regardless of what city I’m in. She doesn’t realize that by saying that she puts herself down because it’s obvious she is from the same city (the city isn’t ghetto although she might be). Sorry if I’m bashing her, but it’s these kinds of girls who just put down others to make themselves feel better. I am no way gonna let one girl or any other hater determine what I will do or not do. I keep pushing each and everyday. I’m gonna succeed in my city, Beverly Hills or El Paso, there ain't no stopping me. So if you find negative people in your path, you gotta brush them off and just keeping fighting for what you love. No one said it would be busy, no one said there wouldn’t be obstacle. This who make it are those who regardless of the downfalls they picked themselves up and kept of going. Keep Pushing!!!!


Hola Amores,

    Esto completamente enamorada de este atuendo. No se porque, puede ser que sea las botas con la falda, el que este atuendo se algo differente a lo que acostumbro. Cual quiera que sea, pero me encanta. Les cuenta que el día que estuve tomado fotos de este atuendo una chica en un carro que pasaba se rio y grito, ¨Si sabes que esta (nombre de mi cuidad).¨ Me callo por sorpresa y no lo voy a negar, me hizo sentir un poco mal. Pero al rato pensé, quien es ella, quien es ella que cree pensar que no mas por estar en esta cuidad no puedo tomar fotos. Sea en esta cuidad o en Beverly Hills, eso no me va a detener. Yo hago esto no solo por que me gusta pero también por que tengo sueños a los cuales pienso hacer realidad. Mas ella no me conoce, no paga mis biles que hace que su opinion bale muy poco. A ella reaccionar de esa manera dice mucho de ella, y lo que dice no es muy bueno. Si tu te encuentras a personas como ella, no les de tu tiempo, sigue haciendo de lo tu yo ya que ellas no vale nada de tu tiempo. 

Besos, Cari

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Shades: X DesiPerkins “HighKeys"

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

You, My BFF

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Hello Dear Reader,

      I’ve decided to share a little bit more of myself with you. I’m gonna be sharing my thoughts, struggles and emotions. I want to make you a part of my life, my friend and confidant. I know that this is gonna be come a little more personal but don’t worry, Ill still post all the details on the outfits in each post.

    A day ago, I received a phone call that left me questioning everything that I was doing in my life. I have been blogging and making YouTube videos for over 6 years. This is not something new to me, this is not something that I started just last year. This is something that I have been working on for so many years. Many times I thought about giving up, I thought about doing something else but I'm still here. Why am I still here? Why do I still bother with this blog and channel even though I don’t see much progress? Why? Well because I love this. I love what I do. And yet all that I needed was one phone call to cause me to rethink everything that I have been doing. And as of yesterday I was ready to change everything to please this one say goodbye to everything that to me so long to built (Im not even close to where I would like to be).
    After talking to friends and family about the situation I realized that I shouldn’t be doing things to please one individual. If I decide to leave all this, it would have been because thats the choice that I have made. And until then you will see more content come your way. I will continue to inspire women to look and feel their best, that just because they are moms that they have to loose their sexiness, hide their curves and dress like nuns. No honey, life still continues after child bearing. So don’t let anyone dictate what you should do, follow your passion because that’s when your dreams will come true.

Xo Cari

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Top and Bottom:

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

I’m Back

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Hello Everyone,

       I’M BAAAACK!!! I know,  I know that I have been a terrible blogger. I need to really work on my time management by just dedicating some days out of the week to just blogging and filming. Sometimes it gets very difficult because I have so many things that need my attention. I'm here now and I'm ready to get the ball rolling. What a nice surprise to find that my views per posts have tripled in my absence (screams). The followers don’t match the amount of views, but it’s all gravy. Honestly I couldn’t be happier. I have to make myself accountable and follow through with constant posts. 

     Some of the posts that you will see in the next few days have already made it on to Instagram and Youtube (go check them out if you haven’t already). This first outfit was a set that I got from . The faux leather, olive skirt fit perfectly. Those kind of materials usually give me a hard time since they have zero stretch. This one, however, had some stretch allowing me to move more freely. The top was composed of the same material with some sheer panels. Heels as usual are from . Have you ever shopped at LolaShotique? What’s your go to shoe store?

Catch you on the next post,
XO ...  Cari 

Hola a todos,

      Ya REGRESE de mi larga ausencia. Yo se que e sido una blogera terrible. Deberás que tengo que trabajar mejor con mi tiempo y apartar algunos días para dedicarlos a mi blog y a grabar para mi canal. Se también que tengo que ser mas consistente con mis blogs. Pero ya no ay mas llantos que ya estoy aquí. Lista para trabajar y para traerles contenido. Para mi sorpresa, mire que ahora tengo mas personas mirando mis blogs que antes, los números incrementaron bastante. Eso me alegra. 

     Algunos de los blogs que miraras en los siguientes días ya fueron subidos a mi Instagram y a mi Youtube (ve a verlos si no los as mirado). Este atuendo es de , el set estrecha ya que muchos del mismo material no dejen ni caminar. Pero este acomoda perfectamente y te puedes mover con facilidad. Los zapatos son del mismo lugar donde siempre obtengo mis zapatos, 

Tienes alguna tienda de zapatillas favorita?

Hasta la próxima,

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Crotchet and Shhhh

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Hello Loves,

        Times are getting very hard. Everyday I see more hate and more violence. It's sad to see the human race destroy one another. I have tried to do my part in making this place a little better by simply being more positive. I use to be those people who would walk past their neighbors and never say hello. With the introduction to the Bible in my life I have realized that the way I carried myself was not the best. I have taught myself to be more positive, to filter what comes out of my mouth and to love my neighbor. If everyone were to just apply one of those to their lives, things would be different. Unfortunately, we are at turbulent times and it doesn't seem like it will be over anytime soon.  Since I can't change the whole world, I will just change myself. Wake up in the morning with positivity, do something nice for someone else, those little changes can make YOUR life more gratifying and happy. Sometimes it's not even about what you did for the other person, it's what you receive in return that makes it worth it. And Im not talking about materialistic things.

So I'll this time to thank YOU for taking the time to read my posts. I know there is many other things that you can be doing right now, yet you are here reading my blog. For that I am thankful.

Xo, Cari

Hola Amores,

     Los tiempos se estan poniendo mas difícil. Cada día mas miro mas odio y violencia. Que triste es ver la raza humana destruyendo uno a otro. Como yo no puedo cambiar el mundo, me cambiara a mi sola y ser mas positiva y amar a mi vecino. Yo era de esas personas que pasaba a lado de su vecino sin saludar. Después de ser introducida a la Biblia, me di cuanto que mi forma de ser no era la mejor. Ahora trato de ser mas positiva, de no herir a las personas con mis palabras y de amar al prójimo. Es deficit pero con la ayuda de Dios, nada es imposible. Desafortunadamente los tiempos se pondrán peor, pero si la gente hace un cambio pequeño, se puede mover montañas. Comienza tu día en un estado positivo, haz algo por otra persona, cosas pequeñas como estas train felicidad no solo al que lo recibe si no al que lo brinda. 

Y por eso me tomo es tiempo para decirte que aprecio el tiempo que tomas para leer mi blog. Yo se que podrías estar haciendo otra cosa sin embrago estas aquí. Y por esa razón te digo GRACIAS. 

Besos, Cari
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Wednesday, July 20, 2016


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Hello Loves,

       Can you believe that I don't know how to swim. Yikes! I don't (insert crying emoji). Last week I made an attempt to learn. I have always known how to swim with constant movement but never to swim and remain only in one place. I have such a huge fear, which till this day I can't remember where it came from. I'm getting there...slowly but surely. Soon no one will be able to get me out of the water (insert a happy emoji face).

Xo Cari

Hola Bellas,

    Puedes creer que no se nadar. Si es cierto. La ultima semana intente aprender. Se nadar de un lado a otro pero no se como mantenerme a flote en un solo lugar. No se donde le agarre tan grande temor al agua. Me da tanto miedo, especialmente para sumergirme debajo del agua. Siento que no podré contener la respiración. Bueno de poco a poco aprender y pronto no saldré del agua. Me volveré sirena. 

Besitos Cari

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Top and Bottom/Blusa y falda: Bebe